Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chocolate is my favorite lollie, it is really nice with ice-cream and sprinkles. My favorite flavour is caramel and black forest but when I first saw it, it looked really yuck to me because it had biscuits and cherries in it. But when I ate it I thought to myself, "Not bad". That’s how it became my favourite flavour. THE END!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross Country

On the courts we were waiting for the cross country race to begin I felt really nervous and cold, my teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking. In a big loud voice Mr Barks called out for the 10 year old, this time my heart was racing.

Suddenly BANG! The race had already begun. I sprinted trying to catch up to the other girls then I remembered to pace myself, so I jogged until I got to the gate. I started sprinting again, even though my lugs were dry, because Dante was right next to me. But I said to myself, “ Champions never give up” so I ran with all I got. Finally I made it, Dante and I were a tie but I was still proud. THE END!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jesse Martin Storm

As the wind was howling Jesse Martin was grinding the winch. “Big wild waves were slapping my face like sharp needles making me almost lose grip,” he said. The strong violent wind was strongly whistling in Jesse’s ears making his hands so numb at the same time he couldn't hold onto anything. Walking unsteadily the water sprayed over the gunnels. Jesse was so terrified he yelled out “ I never thought this would be so hard and so difficult”. Unfortunately the wind pushed Jesse against the bow of the boat almost making him lose grip.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Immersion Assembly

Yesterday everybody went to the hall and sat down. A minute later Mr Burt came and announced that the title for term 3, was Mighty Mariners. I was wondering what does Mariners mean? I was thinking maybe it meant sailors or warriors but I thought for a while and I decided  “ It probably means sailors."
Mr Burt said “ Give a round of applause for team 1.’’ Everybody clapped with excitement, and interestingly team 1 put a video on the screen. The video was about Polynesians who sailed in seven wakas to NZ. “ Thank you team 1’’ said Mr Burt.

Team 2 came up onto the stage and started to act, their acting was really funny, there was a bad pirate who was called Pirate She, she wanted treasure, but Captain Cook said “ I don’t have treasure I only have a camera, a digital camera”. Pirate She said “ I already have those things”

“Give a clap for team 2” shouted Mr Burt, suddenly team 3 came up onto the stage and BOOM! Team 3 had party poppers. They were pirates and they showed us a video of them losing a battle. Soon the video had finished and after that they threw chocolate money everywhere, and everybody started rushing to get some, and after a while all the chocolate money was gone.

Before long team 4 walked onto the stage, there was a lady called Rose, she was wearing a beautiful dress, she was from Titanic, Erick the Red and his Leif Erickson. Erick the Red tricked people to come to Green Land, and the people would think Green Land is a beautiful place where there is green grass, green everywhere, but at Green Land there is ice everywhere. THE END

Monday, August 2, 2010

One Tree Hill

On Tuesday room 15 and other classes were waiting for the bus to arrive, but as we were waiting we had to go to the hall. Mr Burt talked to us about our trip so that we would be safe on the bus, and so we would have a great time. Suddenly the bus arrived! So we all walked in a line and as we went on our way out we grabbed us a nice juicy green apple.

So we finally hopped in the bus. Some people already eaten there apple but we were meant to save it until we had morning tea. It was OK so everyone enjoyed there time until we finally arrived to one tree hill.

I was so excited because everything was foggy, it looked like fun but then the fog went away so I said to myself "Oh man" but for a moment I saw the whole view and I was amazed, it was so nice. So we hopped out of the bus feeling really happy. We walked up a little path and finally we reached a little house. After a little while room 15 and some of the other classes went into the little house, where you got to learn about volcanic eruptions, and sat down. I was really excited. Then waited and waited until a women came and told us about a very interesting thing about what Maori people used for the digging.

After that we had to switch over with the other class , I really enjoyed getting to learn about Maori people. Then I asked my teacher Mrs Squires where are we going now? "We are going to the very top were the huge tree was." "Yay" I said I was really excited, but when we were on our way up we saw some sheep droppings so me and my friends yelled out "Yuck"! It was so discussing suddenly everybody said "Wow" the path was so skinny and tall, I was so scared but everybody managed to climb there way through. Feeling exhausted and sweaty, we got up to the top where the huge tree was, the view was so nice which I can see the whole city. After seeing that beautiful view we all decided to play a game called Capture the flag, it was so fun and cool but then it was time to go back to school, so I said "Good by One Tree Hill" then I quickly ran in the bus and finally we went home feeling happy and exhausted THE END!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My favorite singer is Justen Bieber and Mirah Cary. I really like them because they have a nice voice and they are both good looking, one day I want to be as good as them, and the second thing I like about them is there songs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The outer most layer is called the crust. It is always floating on the surface of the magma. As the plates are drifting apart it forms a volcano. Did you know that the plates crash and overlap each other. Interestingly did you know that the crust resembles a jigsaw puzzle?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iron Brian

As soon as I came to school I could smell some burgers being cooked. So I said to myself, ''I sure wish I had a burger for lunch'', and guess what, room fifteen and other classes went to the hall and saw Iron Brian. I was really excited to see him. And even we had to stay in the hall until the lunch eating bell rang, but still I was really happy because we learned about having a balanced diet. My favorite part was doing the Iron Brian dance. It was really fun because we got split up into groups and my group and I challenged different groups. After all that fun we had burgers for lunch, so I said to myself again ''Yay my wish came true''. I really liked the burger it was delicious

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photographer for KPE

I was the photographer for Chante and Vivienne's podcast for KPE.  Mrs Burt liked my photos so much that she thought we should publish them as a slide show!  This is what she said...

"We are VERY impressed by the photography skills of Heather, who is also in Room 15. She took such stunning photos that we were blown away by the talent of a 9 year old. We decided to create a special slide show just to show off Heather's photography skill.
What do you think?"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rock Climbing

Sprinting as fast as I could I was climbing the towering pyramid building there was a sudden jolt my hart was biting but luckily my adult was holding me tout.

After a while I went to find another building to climb on, so I went where everybody else was and I found a really cool building that had a bridge, ladder and some boxes sticking out. Then I sprinted off to find me an adult and I found someone. But when I came back there was a bunch of people waiting in a line waiting for there tern so I kept on waiting and waiting until finally it was my tern. Then my adult took over the other adult because that adult was really tired then I quickly attached myself to my adult and I started to climb. When I was climbing I went really high then I look down and I saw my friends trying to help me but I was to scared to move my body so I called down to my adult '' I want to come down know''! So my adult put me down and on my way down I saw some people trying hard and never giving up.

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays at night I went fishing with my dad, sister and my twin brothers. As we were still in the car my dad got his torch and his spear ready, as he got ready me my brothers and sister went down to the sand and we saw some black sand so we touched it and it was so soft and shiny.
A few minutes later we all walked in the muddy puddles and as we were walking the mud started to get deeper and deeper. It was very windy that night and even worse because we were in the water. When we were all busy trying to get warm we saw something long that was swimming slowly so I got really scared because it was swimming towards us so my dad quickly
stabbed it with his spear. We were all thinking that it was a eel but when my dad held it up we were all shocked because it was a baby shark so we went home and we showed our mum but my mum told us to chuck it in the bin so we went outside and we just left it there. The next I saw the ants and the bees eating it so I quickly ran inside because it was really grouse but I really enjoyed getting to see a baby shark and getting to fell it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bowling Pin

Waiting anxiously for the bowling ball to knock me over. ''Oh no! Its coming !'' my other pin friends said. We were like a army of ants waiting for food. BANG! The bowling ball knocked us over ''OUCH!'' my friends cried. I looked at my friends and they were rolling everywhere. When I got bowled I didn't feel anything because my body was really numb, the bowling ball was so hard that my friends head came off.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Miss Garden taught us how to dive into the water and how to do a powerful kick,she thought we were all to good for that so she decided to do relays. I was on Logan and Dante's team so we went one by one. When it was my turn I felt very slow and drained. I couldn't breath properly so I stood up and I took a long breath. Finally I made it to the end.Getting to dive in the water was the most cool thing I can ever do in the pool.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture the Flag

After morning tea we went to Miss King's class and sat on the mat. She taught us a game called Capture the Flag. As soon as she finished explaining the rules she divided us into teams, she said "My class against your class" so we said "OK".
Then Miss King and Miss Wood walked to their side of the field and finally Miss King yelled out ''Go''. Room 14 and 15 ran like a brave army. It was so hard because when people tried to get the flag they kept on getting tagged. When we were playing the game we didn't think about anything but always trying to get the flag. We played until we felt exhausted and sweaty. The most exciting thing was how we got to take the flag and run with it back to our territory.
At the end of the game I felt really happy because we won.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Heather.
For everyone reading Heather's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts she wrote for her class's blog last year. Click Here.