Monday, August 2, 2010

One Tree Hill

On Tuesday room 15 and other classes were waiting for the bus to arrive, but as we were waiting we had to go to the hall. Mr Burt talked to us about our trip so that we would be safe on the bus, and so we would have a great time. Suddenly the bus arrived! So we all walked in a line and as we went on our way out we grabbed us a nice juicy green apple.

So we finally hopped in the bus. Some people already eaten there apple but we were meant to save it until we had morning tea. It was OK so everyone enjoyed there time until we finally arrived to one tree hill.

I was so excited because everything was foggy, it looked like fun but then the fog went away so I said to myself "Oh man" but for a moment I saw the whole view and I was amazed, it was so nice. So we hopped out of the bus feeling really happy. We walked up a little path and finally we reached a little house. After a little while room 15 and some of the other classes went into the little house, where you got to learn about volcanic eruptions, and sat down. I was really excited. Then waited and waited until a women came and told us about a very interesting thing about what Maori people used for the digging.

After that we had to switch over with the other class , I really enjoyed getting to learn about Maori people. Then I asked my teacher Mrs Squires where are we going now? "We are going to the very top were the huge tree was." "Yay" I said I was really excited, but when we were on our way up we saw some sheep droppings so me and my friends yelled out "Yuck"! It was so discussing suddenly everybody said "Wow" the path was so skinny and tall, I was so scared but everybody managed to climb there way through. Feeling exhausted and sweaty, we got up to the top where the huge tree was, the view was so nice which I can see the whole city. After seeing that beautiful view we all decided to play a game called Capture the flag, it was so fun and cool but then it was time to go back to school, so I said "Good by One Tree Hill" then I quickly ran in the bus and finally we went home feeling happy and exhausted THE END!

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