Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross Country

On the courts we were waiting for the cross country race to begin I felt really nervous and cold, my teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking. In a big loud voice Mr Barks called out for the 10 year old, this time my heart was racing.

Suddenly BANG! The race had already begun. I sprinted trying to catch up to the other girls then I remembered to pace myself, so I jogged until I got to the gate. I started sprinting again, even though my lugs were dry, because Dante was right next to me. But I said to myself, “ Champions never give up” so I ran with all I got. Finally I made it, Dante and I were a tie but I was still proud. THE END!


  1. What a awesome story sister!
    Great job on your blog.
    Keep up magnificent work sister.

    Love brother

  2. HI heather that was a awesome story that you got going i am, really proud of you and i hope you can also encourage yourself that you can also do the tests that are coming up all the best

    by jay'lee