Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chocolate is my favorite lollie, it is really nice with ice-cream and sprinkles. My favorite flavour is caramel and black forest but when I first saw it, it looked really yuck to me because it had biscuits and cherries in it. But when I ate it I thought to myself, "Not bad". That’s how it became my favourite flavour. THE END!


  1. Hi Heather,

    I love Chocolate too.Even last night I had it but it was dark chocolate and i dont really like that kind I like the Ferro rechore one.Thouse are really nice also by just reading your post makes me won't to eat some chocolate.Keep up the great work.

    By Brooklyn

  2. Hi Heather I like Chocolate and my favorite is black forest and Caramel too. Keep up the good and interesting paragraphs!!!

  3. Hi Heather its Tauwhare here
    It sounds like you love Chocolate like me. My favorite is the same.
    Keep up the work Heather. Tauwhare

  4. Hi Heather

    MMMM....... chocolate is my favourite too my favorite flavour is black forest.

    but anyways i hope you a having a great time at australia

    from Lola

  5. Hi Heather thanks for commenting on my blog.I miss you too. Your blog is on internet heather at Pt England school.Im coming to Australia in April tell me your phone number cause my uncle lives in sydney so write back wen u can.XxOo

  6. Room 4 RockstarsJuly 5, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Hi Heather. Its the Room 4 kids here and we have just watched your blog on KPE and saw your lovely photos for Chante and Vivienne's book review.
    We think your photos look really magnificent!!
    Arohanui, from Room 4 and Miss Wild.