Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My favorite singer is Justen Bieber and Mirah Cary. I really like them because they have a nice voice and they are both good looking, one day I want to be as good as them, and the second thing I like about them is there songs.


  1. Hi Heather I really miss you you are my best friend i hope your having a great time in Australia I really want you to come back to school. Our topic this term isLittle Critters. Its about insects that have back bone and no back bones they are called invertebrates and vertebrates. Any ways love you Heather hope you have a great time there. Keep up the good work. Love Dante Sefanga Lee Bartlett.

  2. HI heather its me jaylee i just want to say that you have a lot of talent and you are awesome because have alot of talent and you are sharing the love to our school and you have awesome favourite singers and the whole school loves you all the best