Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rock Climbing

Sprinting as fast as I could I was climbing the towering pyramid building there was a sudden jolt my hart was biting but luckily my adult was holding me tout.

After a while I went to find another building to climb on, so I went where everybody else was and I found a really cool building that had a bridge, ladder and some boxes sticking out. Then I sprinted off to find me an adult and I found someone. But when I came back there was a bunch of people waiting in a line waiting for there tern so I kept on waiting and waiting until finally it was my tern. Then my adult took over the other adult because that adult was really tired then I quickly attached myself to my adult and I started to climb. When I was climbing I went really high then I look down and I saw my friends trying to help me but I was to scared to move my body so I called down to my adult '' I want to come down know''! So my adult put me down and on my way down I saw some people trying hard and never giving up.


  1. Hello Heather

    Were you writing about rock climbing at camp? You explained how you felt about this experience really well. Keep up the great writing.

  2. Thank you Mrs Lagitupu for commenting on my blog and yes I was at camp when I went rock climbing but thank you for asking me that.