Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Holiday Highlight

In the holidays at night I went fishing with my dad, sister and my twin brothers. As we were still in the car my dad got his torch and his spear ready, as he got ready me my brothers and sister went down to the sand and we saw some black sand so we touched it and it was so soft and shiny.
A few minutes later we all walked in the muddy puddles and as we were walking the mud started to get deeper and deeper. It was very windy that night and even worse because we were in the water. When we were all busy trying to get warm we saw something long that was swimming slowly so I got really scared because it was swimming towards us so my dad quickly
stabbed it with his spear. We were all thinking that it was a eel but when my dad held it up we were all shocked because it was a baby shark so we went home and we showed our mum but my mum told us to chuck it in the bin so we went outside and we just left it there. The next I saw the ants and the bees eating it so I quickly ran inside because it was really grouse but I really enjoyed getting to see a baby shark and getting to fell it.

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